The 15th of August - Fair day in Kenmare
Yesterday - Early 1900

Today - Very early 2000

The 15th of August fair day goes back at least a couple of hundred years.
The first records date back to 1763 for market rights at the lands of Needeen and town of Kenmare.
From the " Kenmare Journal " we can read that they were in fact two fair days in early years.
The first, on 15th of August, was for cattle, cows, poneys, pigs and sheep.
The second day on the 16th of August for flannels, brogues, apples and a coarse sort of linen.
There were also some booths with linen and silk handkerchiefs.

By 1850 a taxation was to be collected by Laurence Egan for the sale of animals.
A mark on the rump of such animals to keep track of them after the sale
would lead to ill-tempered arguments with the collector usually proved fruitless.

Today the fair day has very little cattle and horses and
a lot more booths with tools, shoes, food, fortune telling, music and bric and brac.

Local people and tourist enjoy a fine day out and the 15th of August is certainly
a day to visit Kenmare and to see old and new in harmony.

It is highly advised to make accommodation and dinner reservations far in advance in this week !

Thanks to Mr. Moriarty, our local baker, for information and photographic material.
Present photographs by Peter Ringlever

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